Free Superhero Generator

Create your own superhero in 2 simple steps. Select your hero set, then enter your hero name to create your own superhero with initials on the chest. Customize your hero costume, gadgets and download it for free.

Step 1: Select Your Hero Set

  • Local Tech Heroes set

    Local Tech Heroes

    Local Tech Heroes - Technology Education Outreach Programs

  • Designer Male set

    Designer Male

  • Designer Female set

    Designer Female

  • HEROized Female set

    HEROized Female

  • HEROized Male set

    HEROized Male

  • CovidFighter Male set

    CovidFighter Male

  • CovidFighter Female set

    CovidFighter Female

Step 2: Customise Your Hero

    Camera Creativa Obsura

    Camera Creativa Obscura

    Instagrams your head. Grabs a picture or video and applies one of 99 creative filters to it.



    Channeler amplifies the client’s thoughts and turns them into design or product ideas.

    Deep Grid

    Deep Grid

    An Artificial Intelligence module designs and builds perfect apps & websites. Bonus functionality: Undelivered expectations handler.

    Deer to Deer

    Deer to Deer

    Special antenna which allows easy designer to developer communication and enhances mutual understanding.

    Buddha Pen

    Buddha Pen

    A pen with with steady hand mode which allows drawing a perfect straight line, circle or other geometric objects.

    Dr. Brodsky Recommends

    Dr. Brodsky Recommends

    Using the Ludovico technique it forces the user to watch bad web designs all day and thus creates an aversion against them.

    Drop An Eye

    Drop an Eye

    An artificial eye color picker that picks a color from any physical object by pointing the eye on it.

    Eureka Phaser

    Eureka Phaser

    A phaser which generates a creativity beam. The hit person gets an Aha! moment. Use on stuck colleagues or yourself.

    Minority Reporter

    Minority Reporter

    Allows a scan of any real objects and turns them into vector illustrations in computer.

    Sacred Book of Design

    Sacred Book of Design

    The Designer’s holy bible. Protects its user against clients from hell.

    Vincent in a Cage

    Vincent in a Cage

    A miniature of Vincent van Gogh head. Bites from van Gogh help to overcome creative blocks. Do not go over the recommended daily dose of 3 bites otherwise suicidal tendencies can occur.

    Wa Komu

    Wa Komu

    A pen tablet which creates a harmony between user and computer. Adds Creativity +8, Productivity +5, Happiness +4.

    Jelly Band

    Jelly Band

    Covers user hand with healing jelly which prevents RSI. Optional: Integration with to answer user questions in real time.



    Levitates user and all accessories in optimal ergonomic position.

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    Like your hero? Please help to keep this project evolving by donating any amount via PayPal.

    Power your business with custom superheroes
    Starts from $129USD

    An image representing the Guojun custom superhero avatar


    Vector Illustration, $129USD
    An image representing the Matthias custom superhero avatar


    Vector Illustration, $129USD
    An image representing the Angelika custom superhero avatar


    Vector Illustration, $129USD
    An image representing the Barbara custom superhero avatar


    Vector Illustration, $209USD
    An image representing the Marco custom superhero avatar


    Vector Illustration, $129USD
    An image representing the Hero Fit custom superhero composition

    Hero Fit

    Logo Design, $125USD
    An image representing the Noah custom superhero avatar


    Digital Paint, $209USD
    An image representing the William custom superhero avatar


    Digital Paint, $209USD
    An image representing the Diego custom superhero avatar


    Digital Paint, $209USD
    An image representing the Joel custom superhero avatar


    Digital Paint, $209USD
    An image representing the Jacek custom superhero avatar


    Digital Paint, $209USD
    An image representing the Ellie custom superhero avatar


    Digital Paint, $209USD

    We offer professional illustration services at a reasonable price

    • Superhero branding and illustrations for your business
    • Creating superhero teams out of your company’s staff
    • Custom illustrations for your business
    • Character design and illustrations
    • Premium digital paintings
    • Logo design
    I want a superhero From $129

    Custom Comic Book For Everyone
    Starts from $150USD

    Pay with Curl comic book
    Henry Street superhero comic book series
    Taxation comic book
    X-Worlds comic series
    OMA comic book page
    Raymar superhero comic book

    We turn your story into a custom comic book

    • Various comic book length - starting from 1 page and up
    • Creating superhero characters for your comic book (+ $99USD a hero)
    • Creating a custom superhero story (+ $50USD)
    • $150USD a page (one page comic book only)
    I want a comic book From $150

    Custom SuperHero Logotype
    Starts from $199USD

    Certified Data SuperHero logo
    Continuum behavioral services hero logo
    Henry Street Heroes logo
    Henry Street Heroes logo
    Scoop ice cream hero logo

    We design your super hero logo

    • Superhero logo with or without superhero characters
    • Creative logo with superhero theme
    • Branded posters, leaflets with superhero theme
    • $199USD a logo
    I want a superhero logo From $199

    We loved working with HEROized. Their website inspired us to translate our product into four heroes. Together we ended up with characters that truly embody the essence of our product.

    Adriaan van der Hek,
    Check out more samples of our Work
    The superheroes collage background
    A Xfive logo

    Digital product development superheroes.

    Xfive is a team of web developers behind HEROized. We offer digital product development using the latest product development technologies and methods.

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