Superbot heroes by Heroized

Do chatbots, voice assistants and AI sound super to you? Dashbot, a company behind Actionable Chatbot & Voice Analysis organized The Premier Conference for Chatbots, Voice Assistants, and AI in San Francisco in April of 2018-2019 called Super Bot.

Heroized was honoured to create superhero avatars for the speakers participating on that conference. All of the superhero creations can be viewed on conference website: and

Superhero avatar designs brought a very unique flavour to the speaker presentations. The superhero designs highlighted each speaker’s personality and superpowers which helped them to solve daily challenges with creating products they presented on this conference.

Some of the avatars Heroized prepared for the conference.

Are you looking for custom superhero design? Tell us your what you like, what superpowers you posses, what is your superhero name and we’ll create a unique superhero character for you.
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