Recognizing Superheroes in workplace

It’s a Bird, It’s a plane, It’s Matt from Accounting!

In the age where people actually crawl up the wall to save a falling toddler, or olympic records are broken by higher benchmark and when Marvel or DC movies are the upcoming attractions that the world looking forward to see, super hero age is making a powerful impact in modern lifestyle and is here to stay. Not just for children, comic fans or halloween celebration, now everybody not only talk about superhero anytime and anywhere, it’s everybody’s dream to become one.

With the boost of internet technology, we watched ordinary people perform the the extraordinary, making the impossible possible, thinking of the unthinkable and getting recognized as real life super hero.

But what about in workplaces? Surely there are superheroes working along your side. You might have witnessed your supervisors, staff or colleagues performed way beyond expectation. There are no words of appreciation to describe his/her achievements other than to recognize them as superheroes!

At new year 2011, an Australian based website development company, X-team left their old way of giving appreciation plaques to the Company’s high achievers, replacing them with presenting an actual superhero avatars and movie posters. the impact was amazing. The excitement of the Company management in recognizing their high achievers as the Company’s superheroes boost the staffs’ morale and led to over the top increase in performance the following year. The rest of the staffs got so motivated to get their own superhero persona and movie poster. The company later also produced these superheroes movie posters for their clients and the clients’ respond were nothing short of astoundment.

Later that year the idea grew into a business of its own. is a website that provides superhero creation service for corporate and individuals. The website produces superhero characters with their own superpowers and unique costume designs that is tailor-made to the personality and likeness of the superhero candidates.

Since 2011 produced thousands of superheroes for company managers and staffs, corporate events, birthday gifts, publishings, social media contents, event organizing, branding and marketing collaterals. Some of these cool superheroes can be seen at their gallery and their Pinterest account

The process is quite simple, visit the HEROized website and create your own superhero persona from a superhero generator for FREE! Or click the Contact Us button for custom request and a super project manager will respond to your request sooner than a speeding speedster to guide you through the full force super hero creation process.

It is about time that workplaces around the world join the superhero hype by treating their own high potential Human Resources as super heroes of their companies, not just to help their colleagues but also to inspire and motivate others to perform beyond expectations. It’s the true Superhero way.

Do you know more superheroes in your surroundings? Would you like to show them your appreciation for their dedication and support by turning them into superheroes and don’t know how?
Contact us to create superhero characters.