• The 10 Best Free AI Art Generators to Create Image From Text

  • Vector face tracing

    Look at that speed vector face tracing and colouring one of our client’s project. Technologies used: Adobe Illustrator + experienced hands. Face tracing is a process of creating a vector image of a human face by tracing its features using software tools like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW. It involves manually outlining the contours of the face,…

  • Be a Super hero!

    See the superhero transformation in video below. We’ll create your custom superhero identity from your photo, superhero powers, capabilities and superhero suite preferences.

  • Recognizing Superheroes in workplace

    It’s a Bird, It’s a plane, It’s Matt from Accounting! In the age where people actually crawl up the wall to save a falling toddler, or olympic records are broken by higher benchmark and when Marvel or DC movies are the upcoming attractions that the world looking forward to see, super hero age is making…

  • Superbot heroes by Heroized

    Do chatbots, voice assistants and AI sound super to you? Dashbot, a company behind Actionable Chatbot & Voice Analysis organized The Premier Conference for Chatbots, Voice Assistants, and AI in San Francisco in April of 2018-2019 called Super Bot. Heroized was honoured to create superhero avatars for the speakers participating on that conference. All of…

  • Heroized – Create Your Own Superhero

    Create your own superhero with our free superhero generator or let us create a personalized superhero for you or your business. Heroized will help you with superhero avatars, superhero branding and illustrations, character design and illustrations, custom illustrations, comic book design and comic book story writing.